A Review of JT Foxx

A Review of JT Foxx … he is the real deal

In February 2017 a Facebook add popped up … Mega Speaker day in Munich … JT FOXX … World’s #1 Wealth Coach … on March 22nd in Munich … free event … garnished with the slogan “The world needs more women speakers” and a personal note from JT himself.

I don’t care if you’ve never spoken before, are unsuccessful in your own mind or you have no idea what you would speak or coach about. We will figure that out at the event.

JTFOXXTo be frank I had never heard of this guy before but do you know that feeling of reading something and all at sudden your brain starts to cast a somersault.

What if … he is right … and I could become a great speaker
What if … he is right … and we will figure it out at the event
What if … if this is the one person, the energy that I was missing to get myself moving
What if … I might not only dream about it but really do it

So I signed up not knowing that this special day would have such a big impact on my life.

When JT FOXX came on stage and started his charismatic speech, I felt an immediate energy change in myself and could witness … I wasn`t the only one. It is not that I had never visited a motivational speaker day before but this one for heavens` sake was somehow so different. I should say that I lived in the U.S. for a couple of years and love the American way of speaking and general charisma anyways.
There are very few people on this planet that have JT FOXX’s firepower, enthusiasm, drive, focus, rhetorical persuasive power and above all what was essential for me … I could feel that this passion and determination is coming from a very very deep place … therefore making it authentic. It is not only his intellect but even more his energy and vibe that is so absolutely contagious.
Unlike anybody else in that field he understands how to transcend an individual’s boundaries in order to fire them up and stimulate action. JT made it crystal clear that the only thing that counts at the end of the day are the results of our actions. Not dreaming, making nice vision boards, talking and writing about it … it is the result that makes personal growth and consequently a business growth possible.

jtfoxx 2I have had a couple of rough years with changes in my private life and disorientation and almost disconnect from the business world. I was struggling with not believing in myself and lost confidence that I can do it. It was JT FOXX’s energy and persistence, his vision to bring successful and aspiring business people together worldwide and guide them under his Family First umbrella and that is what made me dare to make a very bold move.

JT FOXX offered me a spot to speak as one of the few people from Germany at the Money, Wealth and Business Conference in Johannesburg, this August. I cannot emphasize enough what that trust means to me because one thing is clear … JT FOXX does not pick people accidently and it is his reputation and his success that attracts thousands of people to attend this event. It was a moment that I will never forget in my life. Since then I have met wonderful people from all over the world via Social Media and at JT FOXX events. I felt so openly and warmly accepted by everybody around JT FOXX … even people I would otherwise not have had the chance to meet. He makes everybody feel like a real family member and that is so very rare and extraordinary.

So … being in the fashion business in one way or another for more than 25 years and with JT FOXX’s motivation and role modeling I decided to reinvent myself and turn my passion into a fully blooming business. The topic that I’ll be speaking about will be “How you show up matters!” Right after the Mega Speaker day I set up my own company for styling and image consulting and already acquired numerous clients. I am working on becoming a successful female speaker and also consult within companies about image and styling.

I cannot wait for my chance to speak in Johannesburg and to connect with all the people there. I am nervous, I am excited, I am eager to learn, curious what will be the next exciting experiences in my new life and thanks to JT FOXX … I am confident I can do it. I still have his words implanted in my head ….

„If I can do it … you can do it … YES!!!“

And let me end with a personal note to JT FOXX … You mentioned numerous times at the event in Munich how much you are interested in conquering the German market. You know what! That is my vision too! I will do everything possible to spread the word in Germany, and take any actions required that you JT FOXX will be the first international speaker that fills the Olympia Hall in Munich … with approximately 10.000 people!!! And I see myself bringing you up on stage to introduce the World’s #1 wealth coach JT FOXX!

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